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FURminator DeShedding Treatment

The FURminator treatment consists of a thorough brushing with the FURminator deShedding Tool. The deShedding tool is guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any other brush, comb or rake. It reduces shedding up to 90% by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat. This treatment brings out the dogs natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny top coat. It also reduces the amount of airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people.

$22.00 & up with full groom package, plus tax


Soothing Suds

Three step process stops skin problems. Effective on hot spots, seborrhea and ringworm. helps minimize fungal and bacterial skin conditions. Eliminates odor. Will not burn or irritate open wounds. Followed with Shampoo Medicated Spray.
$22.00 additional with full groom package, plus tax


Teeth Cleaning

No anesthesia needed, this is a 3 part process, first you pet will get sprayed in their mouth with our cleaning enzyme, this alcohol free product melts away tarter and plaque, your pet must sit for 35 to 40 minutes after the first spray, then with water we blast off and use cleaning tools to safely remove as much as possible from your friend teeth, ( results vary, depending on the severity of your pet oral condition, several treatments may be needed ) finally a gel is applied to continue the cleaning process as your pet goes home.
$60.75, plus tax

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All color treatments require a consultation for options and pricing.
Semi-Permanent and Temporary Options Available.
We only use the highest quality Pet-SAFE Dyes!

Simple Color starts at an additional $20, plus tax

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Pawfect Pads

Does your dog have dry cracked pads?? We have a”pawfect Pad” Spa package that may help avoid the Vet, This indulgent experience begins with a professional nail dremel filing, followed by a gentle pumice buff on pads and a deep, penetrating paw massage with Bow WOW Butter Balm, a moisturizing Shea butter balm containing Indian frankincense, tea tree oil, and marshmallow extract, all of which calm, sooth and prevent cracking and drying. This will help soften those cracked and painful pads. This all natural four step process will have you pet jumping with joy! This can also be used on your Pets Nose!

$14.00 with any groom package, plus tax


Flea Busters

This highly effective flea and tick removal treatment includes our medicated flea and tick removal shampoo which is thoroughly massaged into the coat for 8 minutes. Followed by an Eqyss flea bite shampoo Flea-Bite is completely safe for both yourself and your animal BECAUSE IT IS MADE FROM LEMONS, Then finished with Flea Buster spary.
*Flea Busters is mandatory for any dog with fleas or ticks!

$25.00 Additional to full groom, plus tax


Shimmer & Shine

This brightening experience includes the addition of our Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo, specially formulated to bring back the bling to light-colored dogs. The pearlescent brighteners add luster and shine, and a light mist of opalescent Sparkle & Shine Shimmering Mist is added for a little extra bling.

$ 5.00 additional charge with full groom Package, plus tax


Black Diamonds

This lustrous experience includes our Dark Beauty Shampoo, specially formulated to eliminate red tones and brassiness, while cleaning, deodorizing and adding luster and shine to dark-colored coats with aromatic clove and almond oil. Your Dark colored pet will sparkle like diamonds!!

$ 5.00 additional charge, plus tax