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184 Route 9 North Englishtown, NJ
Willow Point in Marlboro Township



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All of our grooming services include a bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and grinding, teeth brushing to freshen the breath, groomed to your liking and finished with our house cologne.

Small breeds $63 and up
med- $68 and up
large $72 and up

All prices subject to change and based on breed and fur conditions.

Yes!! We Groom Cats.

with every cat groom two groomers are present to assure the safety of your kitty and the staff, cats who are groomed here may not always be a candidate for a bath, cat start at 86.00 and up please call for pricing

Cat bath- 60.00

all pricing for cats is a baseline because cats are unpredictable we can not guarantee cost.
All cats must have rabies and up to date on all vaccines